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static void net::wuffies::japi::Japize::printEntry ( String  thing,
String  type,
int  mods,
boolean  deprecated,
boolean  enumField 
) [inline, static]

Print a japi file entry. The format of a japi file entry is space-separated with 3 fields - the name of the "thing", the modifiers, and the type (which generally includes more information than *just* the type; see the implementation of japizeClass for what actually gets passed in here). The modifiers are represented as a four-letter string consisting of 1 character each for the accessibility ([P]ublic or [p]rotected), the abstractness ([a]bstract or [c]oncrete), the staticness ([s]tatic or [i]nstance) and the finalness ([f]inal or [n]onfinal).

thing The name of the "thing" (eg class, field, etc) to print.
type The contents of the "type" field.
mods The modifiers of the thing, as returned by {Class, Field, Method, Constructor}.getModifiers().
deprecated Whether the thing is deprecated.

Definition at line 1052 of file Japize.java.

References out.

Referenced by japizeClass().

    if (!Modifier.isPublic(mods) && !Modifier.isProtected(mods)) return;
    if (thing.startsWith("java.lang,Object!")) out.print('+');
    if (thing.startsWith("java.lang,") ||
        thing.startsWith("java.lang.")) out.print('+');
    out.print(' ');
    out.print(Modifier.isPublic(mods) ? 'P' : 'p');
    out.print(Modifier.isAbstract(mods) ? 'a' : 'c');
    out.print(Modifier.isStatic(mods) ? 's' : 'i');
    out.print(enumField ? 'e' : Modifier.isFinal(mods) ? 'f' : 'n');
    out.print(deprecated ? 'd' : 'u');
    out.print(' ');

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