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static boolean net::wuffies::japi::Japize::checkIncluded ( String  cname  )  [inline, static]

Check a class name against the global 'roots' and 'exclusions' sets to see if it should be included. A class should be included if it is inside a package that has a roots entry, and not inside a deeper package that has an exclusions entry.

cname the name of the class to check.
true if the class should be included, false if not.

Definition at line 1253 of file Japize.java.

References exclusions, and roots.


    if (roots.contains(cname)) return true;
    if (exclusions.contains(cname)) return false;
    // Loop backwards over the "."s in the class's name.
    int i = cname.indexOf(',');
    while (i >= 0) {
      cname = cname.substring(0, i);
      String mangled = cname + ',';

      // Check whether there is an entry for the package name up to the ".".
      // If so we know what to do so we return the result; otherwise we
      // continue at the next ".".
      if (roots.contains(mangled)) return true;
      if (exclusions.contains(mangled)) return false;
      i = cname.lastIndexOf('.');

    // If we ran out of dots before finding a match, we need to check the root
    // package.
    return roots.contains(",");

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