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static boolean net::wuffies::japi::Japize::isEntirelyVisible ( FieldWrapper  field  )  [inline, static, package]

Determine whether a field is entirely visible. If it's not then it should be skipped. A field is entirely visible if it is itself public or protected, its declaring class is entirely visible and its type is entirely visible.

Definition at line 1153 of file Japize.java.

References isEntirelyVisible().

    if (!Modifier.isPublic(field.getModifiers()) && !Modifier.isProtected(field.getModifiers())) {
      return false;
    if (!isEntirelyVisible(field.getDeclaringClass())) return false;
    if (!isEntirelyVisible(field.getType())) {
      lintPrint("field " + field.getDeclaringClass().getName() + "." + field.getName() +
                " has non-public type " + field.getType().getTypeSig(field.getDeclaringClass()));
      return false;
    return true;

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