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static void net::wuffies::japi::Japize::printUsage (  )  [inline, static, private]

Print a usage message.

Definition at line 543 of file Japize.java.

Referenced by main().

    System.err.println("Usage: japize [unzip] [as <name>] [lint <filename>] apis <zipfile>|<dir> ... +|-<pkg> ...");
    System.err.println("At least one +pkg is required. 'name' will have .japi and/or .gz");
    System.err.println("appended if appropriate.");
    System.err.println("The word 'apis' can be replaced by 'explicitly', 'byname', 'packages' or");
    System.err.println("'classes'. These values indicate whether something of the form a.b.C should");
    System.err.println("be treated as a class or a package. Use 'a.b,C' or 'a.b.c,' to be explicit.");

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