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net::wuffies::japi::ClassType Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::wuffies::japi::ClassType:

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Detailed Description

Represents a class, interface, enum or annotation.

Definition at line 25 of file ClassType.java.

Public Member Functions

Type bind (ClassType t)
Type bindWithFallback (ClassType t)
 ClassType (ClassWrapper wrapper, RefType[] typeArguments)
 ClassType (String name, RefType[] typeArguments)
 ClassType (ClassWrapper wrapper)
 ClassType (String name)
String getJavaRepr (GenericWrapper wrapper)
String getName ()
Type getNonGenericType ()
String getNonGenericTypeSig ()
RefType[] getTypeArguments ()
String getTypeSig (GenericWrapper wrapper)
ClassWrapper getWrapper ()
void resolveTypeParameters ()
final String toString ()
String toStringImpl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Type fromNonGenericSig (String sig)
static Type resolveTypeParameter (Type t)

Protected Member Functions

void debugEnd ()
void debugStart (String label, String msg)

Private Member Functions

void checkArgs ()
 ClassType (String name, ClassWrapper wrapper, RefType[] typeArguments)

Private Attributes

ClassWrapper classWrapper
String name
RefType[] typeArguments

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